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We are a professional Calgary electrical company specializing in residential work. We call ourselves the "Electrician Magician" because we are renowned for having residential electricians Calgary homeowners like you trust to get a wire from point A to point B without having to lift your home off its foundation! We are excellent at fixing what started as your "quick weekend project" that was left hanging off of the wall or ceiling! It's magic... just pick up the phone and we will show you.


So You Need a Calgary Electrician... and you probably need us now!

  • We guarantee your satisfaction
  • We provide an estimate before we start... NO surprises!
  • We provide emergency services through our residential electrician Calgary can depend on for prompt service.
  • We have well stocked service vehicles... one visit is usually all it takes
  • We are a Calgary electrician company & are family owned

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Surge Protection

Own a great big TV, media centre and a half dozen computers? Protect them from 'Bzzzcrack'...it's your investment! Learn about surge protection and how our team of residential electricians can help you here.

Arc Fault Protection

An unintentional electrical discharge can't always be avoided. Hanging a picture, damaged electrical cords, or shoddy original electrical work can be hazardous. Worry not, we have the residential electrician Calgary needs to fix these problems.

Emergency Backup Power

Avoid being in the dark when a general power failure hits your neighborhood...protect yourself with an emergency generator. Electrician Magician has the residential electricians Calgary families rely on to install a new generator that will continuously power your house amid blackouts.

Child-Safe / Tamper Resistant Outlets

Little is scarier than a young child near a live electrical outlet. Be proactive, discover how our Calgary electricians can help you install TR outlets today.

Is Your Electrical Panel Safe?

Have a Calgary Electrician Magician come to your home and inspect your electrical system Learn more about our electrical inspection.

Residential Electricians in Calgary We are Calgary electricians specializing in residential work. Why? We believe it's best to do one thing extremely well. To us at Calgary Electrician Magician, quality, training, and testing is as important to us as it is to you...Learn more here.


Debugging a Buggy Breaker

Got a pesky breaker that just stays "breaked"? This is a symptom of a problem..ignoring it may cause real concern in the future...learn about faulty electrical breakers here...and get the scoop on how Calgary Electrician Magicians can help you.

When Hubby Gets a Shock

People die every week because of electrical shocks. What we are talking about here though is more common... the shock of finding out that what in theory sounds like an afternoon task may in fact need the experience of a qualified residential electrician in Calgary to do right... Learn more about our most frequent electrical service calls